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TCID Inc. NAPA Auto & Truck Parts of Bakersfield

We at Bakersfield NAPA, NAPA Heavy Duty Truck Parts and Service Center, and Southwest NAPA are dedicated to providing highest quality service available for your personal or business needs.  Our NAPA Auto Parts Stores take enormous pride in carrying on the tradition of excellent and quality well established by NAPA over the last eight decades.

When it comes to trusted names in the automotive industry, the name NAPA Auto Parts will make the top of any list.  Over the last 80 years, NAPA (or the National Automotive Parts Association) has been distributing auto and truck parts to customers everywhere.  Today, there are well over 6,000 NAPA Auto Part Stores helping to make NAPA an industry leader.  If you need a part for your car, truck, or heavy duty truck, the odds are exceptionally good that NAPA Auto Parts has you covered.

Founded in 2006, Bakersfield NAPA, NAPA Heavy Duty Truck Parts and Service Center, and Southwest NAPA have been serving delivering the highest quality parts and the highest quality of service in the industry. Our three Bakersfield locations have been specifically designed to handle all of your auto part needs. Our largest store Bakersfield NAPA, located at 720 Roberts Lane, is a 14,000 sq foot warehouse space, which carries a large inventory of products, and specializes in auto and truck paint and supplies (Martin Senour Paints).  NAPA Heavy Duty Truck Parts and Service Center, located at 490 Belle Terrace, focuses on heavy duty parts and service, and Southwest NAPA, located at 4501 Stine Road, near the intersection with White Lane.

Simply stated, we realize that the foundation of all good business relationships is respect.  You can depend on us to provide not just quality service, but also the reasonable and highly competitive pricing structure that you have come to depend upon from the trusted NAPA Auto Parts name.

All three of our locations also work to support the community by offering schooling and educational options, such as brake classes and air conditioning classes.  If you are in need of instruction, then please contact us to learn more about how we can help you learn.

Feel free to turn to us whenever you have automotive and heavy duty truck parts needs or contact us today at any of our three Bakersfield NAPA Auto Parts locations.



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